All desserts are made fresh to order!

About Me

I am currently a full time working mother who has a passion for baking. When I was a stay home mother in 2013-2016, I baked from home and built a friendly clientele who still reach out to me year after year for their events. My time now is very limited due to working full time so when I bake, I am taking time away from my family and personal life but I do it because I love it. I dedicate a few days of each month to still keep up with orders, learn new recipes, experiment and build my skills in baking. One day I hope to do something much bigger than baking just a few days a month. 

How I Work

I work from home so all orders need to be picked up. I do make deliveries if it is near my area. I bake 1-2 days before an order is ready to be picked up so they are fresh! If you're ordering for a party, I love to try and match your party theme by color and/or decor. If you have a flavor suggestion, I'm open to it. I'm a one-person team but I'm willing to make your macarons and desserts the way you want them.

Take a look at my menu, thank you for your time!

Customer Reviews

"Hi Geraldine, I love the salted caramel. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer." 

"Those were delish girl!"

"I can't wait to try more flavors, those were so good!"

"Your macarons were a hit!"